For DJ Cquenz, the music has run through his veins since day one and with an avid delivery of electro and progressive house at the top of his list, there is no surprise the studio output is so prominent. Producer and DJ at heart, the Antwerp born artist has taken extraordinary influence from a global spectrum bringing together his profile today.

With an endeavor to keep music at the forefront of his vision, Cquenz soaked in his dedication to the industry after taking a break to build a new business for himself. Experiencing complete enlightenment of electronic music being the passion in his life, it was very soon that Belgium and beyond began seeing his emergence back into the sonic journey. He just couldn’t get enough of it and the heart is where his music in the soul remained. Bringing years of skill with him, he has witnessed generations of dance music genres, shows and fellow DJs and producers, giving him a solid vision for his place in the scene.

From the renowned Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) to influential music cities around the world, DJ Cquenz’s bolting evolution brings with it upcoming tracks like ‘Loud Noises’ and ‘Tuvan Tribal;’ showcasing exactly what his production is all about. With an abundance of momentum up his sleeve, there is no doubting that the signature Cquenz sound he has up his sleeve is ready to impress.